Beyond the Reviews

Sometimes I feel the need to say something about a game that just didn’t quite fit in the review – this is where I post it. I’m also occasionally working in some more personal content, like book or movie reviews from stuff that I’ve been reading or watching in my free time!

My Beyond write-ups can be anything from game commentary, to remake discussions, or anything I feel like writing about really. There’s also the informal, not-super-cohesive “On Writing” series, where I talk about the quality/nuances of writing in various forms of media. Read on if you’re interested!


The Philosophy of Ocarina of Time – an essay on the themes present in Ocarina of Time; Video Game Literary Classics 101 contribution.

My Life in Games – a discussion of 5 games that I feel have had a large impact on my life so far.

Dark Souls Diaries – A series to celebrate my game of the decade; a write up following my first playthrough as a magic user.

50th Post Special – Games of the Decade! – a write up to celebrate my 50th post, discussing my top ten games of the past ten years.

Animal Crossing Tag + One-Year Blog Anniversary

The Characters that Define Us: Skull Kid – my contribution to Normal Happenings “Characters that Define Us” collaboration; I chose to talk about the Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Animal Crossing July Check-In

Among Us: the Trials and Tribulations of Public Lobbies – a little piece on some of my good – and not so good – experiences playing Among Us with randoms online.

Persona 5 | Character Tier List – my personal tier list of how useful (gameplay-wise) each confidant in Persona 5 is.

Pokemon TCG Honour Roll – a collaboration post with InThirdPerson, where we go over a couple of our favourite Pokemon cards from our dive into theme decks.

Solo-Queueing in Pokemon Unite: A Tragedy – ever wondered about the kinds of players you’ll encounter in this MOBA? Look no further!

The Silent Storytelling of Journey – a quick ramble about the actual story being told in Journey.

A Decade of Dark Souls – yet ANOTHER write up about a few of my favourite aspects of Dark Souls. 

Animal Crossing: A Week with Happy Home Paradise – a first impressions look at the new Animal Crossing DLC!

Arcane – Adaptation Magic – a discussion of Netflix’s Arcane, based on the MOBA League of Legends.

Wordplay and Double Entendre in Bloodborne – analyzing how Bloodborne utilizes the double-meaning of words to reinforce the themes within its narrative.

Level Design 101: The Art of Trolling in Elden Ring – have you ever been personally victimized by a trap in a FromSoftware game?

Kirby and the ABC’s of Puzzle Design – discussing the ways in which Kirby and the Forgotten Land teaches its audience to pick up on cues within the game (and how this skill can be applied to games more generally).

The Terrible Twos: FromSoftware Edition – the classic dual-boss formula in the Souls series has been evolving over time since Demon’s Souls – how do they work, and how has it changed?

Blaugust Time! – every summer, the blogging community does a Blaugust event designed to get bloggers together and inspired to write. I participated in 2022 with five new posts, beginning here.

Solo-Queueing in Dead by Daylight: A Spooky Tragedy – my Halloween special, in the same style as my post on the types of players you’ll find in Pokemon Unite; these are the most commons types of clowns you’ll find while queueing up in Dead by Daylight.

On Writing series:

Writing Redemption: Goro Akechi (Persona 5) – a kind-of essay, discussing Akechi’s new redemption arc in Persona 5 Royal.

On Writing: Karasuno vs. Shiratorizawa (Haikyu!!) – another kind-of essay discussing the clashing philosophies of the two volleyball teams in season 3 of Haikyu!!

On Writing: Why Should I Care About my Video Game Wife? (a response) – a post continuing a conversation from Quietschisto’s write-up on RNG: “Video games don’t make me love my Wife enough”

On Writing: Female Representation in Video Games – I discuss some tropes and unhealthy imagery typically associated with feminine roles in gaming.

Challenges/Nominations/Trophy Runs:

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Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge 2

Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge 3

Tropy Shelf – Sekiro Edition! – a quick write-up on my Platinum trophy run in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Trophy Shelf – Persona 5 Edition!

Trophy Shelf – Bloodborne Edition!

30 Day Geek Out Challenge

Have You Ever? Gaming Edition!

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The Great JRPG Character Face-Off!

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Book Reviews:

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman