Real Neat Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for this by both Frostilyte, and Red Metal, so I’ll be answering both of their questions, respectively. Since I’m answering more questions than normal, I’ll try to shorten my usual novel-length responses so this post doesn’t get too long. As always, thank you to these two great bloggers for the nomination, I love doing these posts. Here we go!

Frostilyte’s Questions:

What is a game coming out in 2020 that you’re excited for?

I think Persona 5: The Royal, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons are the two that I’m most looking forward to.


Ninjas, or Pirates? Why?

Gotta be Ninjas. I love pirates for their punk rock attitude, but you can’t pass up on the elite, stealthy, trained-for-their-entire-lives Ninjas. Skills over scurvy any day.

You won a life time supply of the last thing you spent money on. What is it, are you excited, and how do you intend to use your comically overstocked collection of this commodity?

Yikes, I guess I have a lifetime supply of dice now? I’ve been a little bit obsessive about expanding my D&D dice collection recently, and honestly it’s already comically overstocked. But in my opinion, you can never have enough dice, so…

My newest set!

God almighty above. They were right! AI took over the world and started building mecha-style enforcers out of the factories. Which billion dollar software company is responsible for ending humanity and do you submit to our AI overlords, or rebel against them?

For sure the unholy trinity of Google, Apple, and Amazon are taking over. As much as I love the convenience of all of these services/styles, I don’t think I’m ready to sell my soul to the heartless mechanisms of capitalist enterprise just yet – I’ll be rebelling.

What was the reason you started your blog? Feel free to be as detailed as you see fit with this one.

I really enjoy talking about games, but don’t know a lot of people in my personal life, or friend group, that play what I do. I also find it strange that the majority of reviews seem designed to convince you to buy/not buy a game – I’m more interested in the actual stories/characters and how well everything comes together. Because of the spoiler-free nature of these reviews, they’re just not interesting to me. I started a blog because I wanted to write more of what I wanted to see. I was also interested in finding other people who might share in some of my unpopular opinions, or generally just be willing to engage in some good ol’ vidya game conversation. At the end of the day, I really enjoy writing – so whether 50 people read what I write, or none at all, I’m just happy to be working on my writing more regularly. I’m really pleased with how my blog is shaping up so far!

You wake up one day and find that you are now your least favorite character from your favorite television show (use a video game if you don’t watch TV). Who are you and how do you feel about it?

Funnily enough, all the characters that immediately pop into my head are from The Legend of Zelda: Navi, Kaepora Gaebora, Fi… Any of these would do. I think I would be okay, because all of these characters have great design, and it would be nice to be the annoying one, rather than on the receiving end of their ridiculous advice/speeches for once. I could go with an Unpopular Opinion™ and say that I might wake up as Chloe Price from Life is Strange (in which case I would hate my life) but I don’t want to get jumped. I think she’s an awful character, but I don’t think many people share this opinion.

What’s a skill you wish you had, but can’t find the time in the day to learn or master?

Not sure it counts as a specific skill per say, but I’ve always wished I knew more about cars. My dad has taught me enough to be able to change the oil, and maybe a tire, but after that I’m tapping out. He takes care of his car, and does 100% of the work on it himself, and I would love to have the skill to do that as well.

Red Metal’s Questions:

Have you ever watched a film in theaters that featured an intermission?

Can’t say that I have! The longest one I ever watched was probably The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, but that didn’t have an intermission.

What is the most expensive ticket you’ve ever purchased?

I go to a lot of concerts, but the majority of the bands I see are small-ish rock/punk bands so the tickets are never more than the $60-80 range. I saw the play, Dear Evan Hansen, over the summer and loved it so much that I went 3 times (yikes) and the most expensive ticket for that show was around $120 when I went the second time. The other two were cheaper, but all three together are more than I would like to acknowledge…


If you had to trade in fluency of your first language for another, which one would you choose?

French would be handy for me, living in Canada, but if I had a choice of anything, I think I would probably take Spanish or Japanese.

If you could appear on any game show (including ones that have ended), which one would you choose?

I’ve always loved Jeopardy! for some reason. My favourite is always the “teen” or high school week because I can actually answer the questions – sometimes they even had a video game category!

As someone who has watched many classics over the past few years, I’ve concluded that old films are overall better than recent efforts. What do you think the current generation of filmmakers lacks that allowed their predecessors to shine?

Not to sound super cynical, but I feel a lot of movies produced now are sell outs – they’re designed to make as much money as possible, by having the widest appeal possible. They’re made to be fun and entertaining, without much substance. When I think of my favourite older movies, they’re just shot so creatively, and performed so well, often with small budgets, or limited space. I always think of 12 Angry Men – almost the entire movie takes place in a small jury room, where 12 jurors (most are never even given names!) debate the fate of a man accused of murder; Henry Fonda tries to convince the rest that the evidence isn’t sufficient to find him guilty. The film is shot incredibly well, and manages to do so much with so little. Others, like The Breakfast Club (probably overrated) I loved simply because they tried to communicate a message that I identified with. It was simple, yet still felt somehow profound. I find that too few movies try to do these things nowadays. Maybe too much pressure to make money, and not enough to create art.

How do you like your eggs prepared?

I don’t. Eggs are gross.

How do you like your potatoes prepared?

Coming from an Irish family, potatoes were pretty much a staple growing up. I will eat anything potato, but my favourites would probably be mashed, my mom’s scalloped potatoes, or good old fashioned fries (sweet potato are better).

If you found yourself directing films, which genre would you want to specialize in?

I’d like to tackle horror! It’s a genre that’s quickly become very by-the-numbers and stale, and I would try and do something different. I think it’s hard to balance genuine fright/creep factor (that doesn’t rely on cheap jumpscares) with a compelling story and characters.

What is your favorite band/artist with a limited discography (i.e. no more than four studio albums)?

Definitely one of my newer favourites, State Champs. I’ve seen them live several times now, and they’re super talented – their music is great, solid lyrics, and tons of energy. In a genre (pop punk) that can feel very samey at times, I think this group really stands out as something exceptional. They currently have three studio albums.

State Champs – Living Proof Tour 03/04/19 in Toronto

There are many stories over the years of projects or ideas never getting off the ground or being canceled mid-production. Which one would you bring into reality if you could?

I know there are a bunch of video games that were supposed to be turned into movies – I’d love to see some of those come to life. I know an Uncharted movie is kind of, sort of, happening. The most prominent one I remember being excited about was BioShock. I doubt it will ever happen – and maybe it’s for the best. Video game movies are usually terrible.

What series do you feel managed to be consistently good for an extended period of time?

In terms of video games, I’ve always felt that, despite its long run, The Legend of Zelda series has always maintained a high quality in both game play and narrative. I also feel that Pokemon is still going strong – they’re adding new elements, while still maintaining the basics of what everyone fell in love with (National Dex controversy aside). Pretty basic answer, but I can’t think of another series that has consistently grabbed my attention. I don’t really watch enough television to comment on a good TV series.

I’ll nominate some bloggers with my own questions, and as always, don’t feel obligated to answer if you don’t want to! My questions tend to be a bit involved, so feel free to pass. These are my questions:

  1. Give a rundown of a good book you’ve read this summer! (or, any book you’ve really enjoyed lately)
  2. Sometimes people talk about having a spirit animal. If you were to have a spirit Pokemon that represents you, which one would it be?
  3. You’re stuck in a horror-movie scenario, and a murderer is after you! Are you: a) the mom friend (taking care of everyone, keeping the group together), b) the scaredy cat (you’re definitely clumsy, and probably dying first) or c) the “everyone for themselves” strategist (you’re taking off on your own)?
  4. What is your favourite seasonal food and/or drink? This can also be food/drink that is technically available year-round, but you just associate with a certain time of year.
  5. A lot of video games allow you to customize your character, including their name – what’s your go-to name when starting a new file? Or do you have a different one every time?
  6. What is the most memorable vacation you’ve taken, or time spent travelling that you can think of?
  7. Pick one of your favourite film/tv/book/video game characters and describe which D&D class you think they would be, and why. (This may take some research: here’s a link to D&D Beyond with a list of the classes)

Instead of the 7 nominees, I’m only gonna nominate a few bloggers, because I think a lot of people have been tagged in this same thread recently. So my nominees are @ Kathy (Pages Below the Vaulted Sky) | Stephen (Honest Gamer) | Nathan (Gaming Omnivore) | Michi (Michi’s World)

Anyone else can feel free to answer my questions in the comments below, or on your own blog if you want to! Thanks for reading!

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20-something-year-old hailing from the Northern badlands of Canada. Persistent gamer, avid reader, and fledgling D&D player. I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember, and they’ve always been a big part of my love for the art of storytelling. Just trying to make it in a world where my copy of Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure no longer works.

17 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award”

  1. One can NEVER have enough dice. It’s just impossible.

    Also, eggs are delicious, how could you! Scrambled, fried, boiled, omelettes, cakes, sauces, no matter how they are done. Even raw! Yolks on Beef Tartare, the whites in certain cocktails. (just kidding, if you don’t like them, that’s completely okay. That leaves more for me, anyway^^)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! Which is why I can’t stop buying them…
      Haha I have no idea honestly? I used to like them when I was younger, but recently, I can’t stand them. If there’s eggs in something, it’s fine, but I can’t eat them on their own.

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  2. A lot of people seem to think Google is going to doom us all. Yet something like 70% of the world’s internet traffic is on Chrome. I’m writing this in a Chrome window right now. We practically gave them the world on a silver platter.

    Knowing more about cars is absolutely a skill. Don’t kid yourself. If it wasn’t then we wouldn’t pay people who know more about them than us to fix them for us. 😛

    Excellent answers all around. Except the one to Red Metal’s question about eggs. What the heck do you mean you don’t like eggs? Eggs are the best!

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    1. I know right? I think we all decided that the convenience was easier at some point.
      I definitely want to make more of an effort in the near future to learn a bit more about car maintenance – I think it’s a really valuable skill set honestly.
      I didn’t expect not liking eggs to be the most divisive opinion here? I just think they’re gross tbh – I can’t even handle the smell of them cooking. In stuff, they’re fine, but on their own, its gonna be a no from me dawg.

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  3. Yeah, Endgame was probably the single longest film I ever saw in theaters and it didn’t have an intermission either. It’s weird when you consider Kwaidan is roughly the same length and it did indeed have an intermission.

    Into the punk bands, huh? I myself have quite a lot of punk albums in my music collection. Damaged by Black Flag is one of my all-time favorites. I tend to be frugal, but I can totally get behind spending $120 to see a play live that’s just that good.

    If you’re into gaming, the two best languages to know are English and Japanese. I think you can safely bet that if a great game is only in one language, it’s one of those two.

    I would absolutely suck at Jeopardy. Even when watching it at home, I only get half of them right. Having to think on the spot that quickly would be very difficult. If you can do it, the earnings would be amazing given that you keep playing until you lose.

    That’s a fair assessment. For all of the talk certain prominent gaming critics have given about video games losing their creative spark, they have nothing on the widespread stagnation plaguing film industry. Whenever a contemporary film gets praise, it always comes across as several steps behind what other mediums have done. Indeed, when I say this, I have to extend it to the indie film directors. Many of them have had little trouble getting acclaim, but they barely stand out. I also have to say that they too are guilty of selling out – only it’s the critical sensibilities they pander to rather than the almighty dollar. Art is about leaving your comfort zone and the current wave of auteurs doesn’t grasp this.

    Oh, are you one of those people who can only consume eggs if they’re part of a larger recipe? I think I heard some find the texture repulsive.

    I’d say Us managed to give horror some much-needed innovation, but otherwise you’re right. When I saw Midsommar awhile back, I realized, for all of the praise it received, it was an incredibly basic horror film that brought nothing substantial to the table. A director who could actually bring new ideas to the table would be great.

    I never heard of State Champs, but you’ve certainly got my interest with your description of them.

    A lot of snobs say that the reason there are so few good game-based films is a testament to the former medium’s lack of storytelling potential, but after playing games such as Undertale, OneShot, and Planescape: Torment, I can say that’s absolute nonsense. It’s just that the mediums are so different that certain storytelling techniques that work in one don’t work in the other and vice versa. I think a BioShock film would be a good idea because that would get resolve the divide between the story and gameplay plaguing the series, but of course, that’s going to depend on how good the writers are.

    Those are probably the best answers. The Legend of Zelda is particularly impressive when you consider that ever since the series’ inception, at least of its installments has been the respective decade’s highlights. The only other series that can claim to have done the same is Mario, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both are Nintendo properties.

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    1. I’ve never heard of a movie with an intermission honestly, but I don’t go to the theaters too often so that might be why…

      Black Flag is awesome! I’m not a big theatre/drama person, but this particular one was fantastic. I would still see it again.

      I’m definitely not that great at Jeopardy! but I get a certain sense of satisfaction from getting that occasional question right LOL.

      Agreed! I’ve been losing interest in seeing movies a lot recently because I end up being disappointed in pretty much everything that I end up seeing.

      Not sure what it is, but yeah, I can only eat eggs in other stuff, not on their own. Bleh.

      I thought Us was great as well! I also really enjoyed the new version of It (looking forward to part 2) because I thought it was well put together.

      I can understand that video games are probably a bit harder to translate to film, because of their length and different story telling methods (as you mentioned) but I think it can be done. I feel like a lot of the ones that have been made either sacrifice the original integrity of the game or change the characters so much that they are barely recognizable (i.e. Prince of Persia movie).

      As much as Nintendo isn’t perfect, you can’t argue that they consistently produce quality games.

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  4. Ahhh thank you for the tag! I love your questions!

    Oh my gosh, those dice are so lovely!!! And ha, Chloe Price! People definitely have strong feelings about her. 😀 I love LIS for its atmosphere and general concept, but I’m not a big fan of the character writing. Though I actually like Chloe more than Max, because I feel like Chloe has a set personality I can react to, whereas Max is just…kind of there. And I think Ashly Burch did a ton to bring Chloe to life.

    I’m VERY jealous that you got to see Evan Hansen! I adore the soundtrack and I swear I cry every time You Will Be Found comes up.

    Also!! I didn’t know you’re Canadian! Are you on the east coast?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad! Looking forward to your answers!

      It’s weird because Chloe is normally the exact type of character I would love, but I couldn’t stand her attitude towards her mom and Max honestly. I haven’t played the game in a while, so might be misremembering, but she never seemed to show a shred of regard or concern when Max would use her powers, which always pissed me off. Like they’re supposedly BFF’s but whenever Max uses her powers and ends up with a bloody nose, or almost passes out, Chloe just doesn’t give a shit. She even starts doing reckless stuff because “oh well if shit goes down Max will just bail me out.” Like yeah, A+ friend. Idk I just found her insufferably selfish – even her backstory wasn’t enough for me to sympathize with her. Ashly Burch is the only reason she is tolerable to me at all. Props to her voice work.

      It was so great honestly! After seeing it each time, I had the soundtrack on repeat for like 3 weeks straight haha. “For Forever” is definitely my favourite track!

      I’m actually from the Toronto area!! Are you an east coaster?


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