Blaugust Time!


Why did I, who legendarily has the slowest, most insane posting schedule on this corner of the internet, sign up for a community blogging event that involves posting consistently? Because I hate myself, that’s why. Also because I haven’t written a single thing for this blog in months and it’s bumming me out a bit. So here’s hoping that Blaugust is the key to making me write… something. I’m aiming for one post per week (five total for the month of August) which, for me, is pretty ambitious. So we’ll see how this goes.

Wots all this then?

In case you hadn’t guessed by the title, Blaugust is a community event, a blogging extravaganza, that takes place during the month of August. I’m using Blaugust in the hopes of kicking my last remaining brain cell into coming up with some actual content, but the community aspect of these kinds of events is always the real highlight. Special thanks and shoutouts to Magi over at Indiecator for asking me to participate. If you’re new to blogging, shy about reaching out to people, or just awkward as fuck like me, it’s a great way of finding new blogs to follow, and new connections to make. Of course there’s still time to sign up if you’ve missed the memo and are interested in participating – check out Belghast’s post on all the in’s and out’s of Blaugust here. There’s achievements to be won! Tempted yet? Important to note that you a) do not have to post every day and b) are free to come up with your own post ideas – but there is a list of prompts to help you along if you need it. Easy!

The plan

While “underprepared” is basically my middle name, I do have a couple of ideas for what I’m looking to post this month – each week of Blaugust has a theme, so I’m going to try and work with that to come up with some content that’s at least vaguely inspired by said themes. There may or may not be another version of “My Life in Games,” a write up on some of my recent experiences with Phasmophobia, and an Annoying Elden Ring Enemies List (ft. another blogger???) on the horizon. Ideally. Because I am incredible at sticking to my commitments. Look forward to it!

In the mean time, enjoy these feet pics from Elden Ring. You’re welcome.