Dark Souls Diaries: Entry VI

Friday December 27th, 2019

Don’t give up, Skeleton!

“Kindling was a sacred rite passed down among clerics, but all Undead can imitate the process in the same manner… How peculiar that humans had found little use for humanity until they turned Undead.”

Rite of Kindling

Last we left off, Abracadaniel was trapped down in the Catacombs… so today, we’ll start the long, arduous trek to get back out again. This genuinely took me over an hour, and I had to take a break at one point because I was getting so frustrated. Trying to run down all the Necromancers and dying constantly was a trial. But we (finally) made some good progress…

Since we’re down here anyway, we may as well take down the boss that we came to defeat. It’s just outside the blacksmith’s area, and to the right. But this area is a nightmare because of the Bonewheel Skeletons – they will kill you in seconds, and you’ll need a high stability shield to fend them off while they’re spinning.



You can try to run through, or just methodically lure them to you, and take them out one by one. Then it’s a quick run, and a drop down into Pinwheel’s lair.



Pinwheel is widely known as one of the ‘easiest’ bosses in the game – because it has such low health/defense you can defeat it very quickly (especially due to the high level you’ll be at by the time you get here). However, it makes copies of itself, and if you let these copies get out of control (they’ll all spam magic attacks at you) you can get overwhelmed. So defeat this thing as fast as possible. Pinwheel also has some interesting lore behind it – some speculate that it’s a family that was fused together and is trying to separate through its research. And it’s interesting that its got the Rite of Kindling somehow.

We also get the Mask of the Child out of this, which happens to be the best one.

The Rite of Kindling will allow us to kindle bonfires further, and get up to 20 Estus Flasks per rest. We’ve got what we came for now, so it’s time to make like a tree and get the heck out of here. This time, we’re gonna take a left through the Bonewheel area – we have to clear them out again, and there’s also a Black Knight in this area that we’ll have to deal with.

There’s another Necromancer just ahead, guarded by two skeletons with bows and arrows. I managed to kill all 3 of them without an issue, and from here, I can climb a ladder and get up into a long corridor full of tombs. My Homing Soulmass is really handy in this area, because it automatically targets the nearest enemy – sometimes before I even see them.


There’s a Titanite Demon here – I decide to try and kill it because I’m already here so why not? It’s also guarding an interesting secret. With my ranged magic, it’s pretty easy to take out. From here, there is an open coffin that we can hop into – but first, there’s an item we need to pick up. It’s the Eyes the Death (a covenant item) and there’s 3 of them. With these in our inventory, we can nestle in that coffin, and be teleported to a new area.



We exit in the Tomb of the Giants, in Gravelord Nito’s domain. This is actually a boss arena that we’ll encounter later, but for now, we can actually interact with Nito, and join his covenant. He’s in the giant sarcophagus at the end of the room.



When we join this covenant, we get the Gravelord Sword, and a miracle called Gravelord Sword Dance. If you want to join this covenant, you’ll have to do so before you kill Nito, after placing the Lordvessel. We can’t do anything else here right now, so we’ll jump back into the coffin and back to the Catacombs. I think I’ve killed all the Necromancers at this point, so I move forward into the open cave area, and start taking care of the skeletons (while not getting blasted by the floating, exploding heads). The skeletons start to reform, and I realize there must be another Necromancer. I have no idea where he is though.


I have to make another go, and I decide not to bother with the skeletons, and to just try to run through everything. I get back up to the area I died in before, and hoon it up to where I think I can get out – but the bridge that would lead me upward is flipped the wrong way (spikes up) and is not traversable. I die again. I’ve died and killed the Bonewheel Skeletons so much at this point that I actually get the shield, which is a really rare drop.


I rush upward again, trying to find the way out, and the final Necromancer. I find the way – it’s through a crumbling wall that you need to break through – and keep running. I decide (a horrible decision, really) to try and grab the Darkmoon Seance Ring that I know is in this area. I manage to get it without being swarmed by the 9000 skeletons that are following me at this point; I find a doorway, and keep running upward. I finally find the last (hopefully) Necromancer and kill him before getting jumped by a horde of skeletons. At this point, I need to take a break, but I should be able to methodically take out the skeletons (they won’t reform) and carefully make my way back to the surface. I’ve lost all my souls from the boss, but at this point, I don’t care – I just want to be out of here.

So close…

On my final run, I manage to make it back up to the main cave area in one piece. I gingerly make it to the first bonfire of the area, and rest, just in case some other catastrophe happens. Which it does, because OF COURSE IT DOES. On the final staircase out, I’m not paying attention to the exploding heads, and one of them blasts me off the edge and I die again. Hahahaha. My sanity is almost completely gone. I make one final trek, and manage to get to Firelink in one piece. Jesus H Christ, what a goddamn nightmare that was. I notice that our friend Crestfallen is gone before moving on.


I want to head back to Sen’s Fortress and do some co-op to make myself feel useful again, so that’s what I do. After several successful missions assisting other players, there’s another little secret we can access.


I warp back to the Undead Parish, and go to the Sunlight Altar, underneath where the Hellkite Dragon guards the bridge in the Burg. Because we’ve done a certain amount of co-op, we can join the Warriors of Sunlight now, and get the best gesture in the game. Normally, you would need a minimum of 25 faith to join, but each co-op session you do lowers this requirement by 5.



Abracadaniel is a Sunlight Bro now – our summon sign is golden yellow, and we get a Sunlight Medal for each session we complete. Praise the Sun!


Ahem. Anyway, now we can take on the boss of Sen’s Fortress, and move on. I summon Iron Tarkus, because I can, and we take on the Iron Golem. This boss is quite easy, as long as you don’t get yeeted out of the arena. Tarkus is a massive help as well – he can basically solo the boss, if you let him.



Now, some lovely Batwing Demons are going to give us a lift up to the city of the gods – Anor Londo. This is once of the most impressive vistas/cutscenes in the game. It never gets old.



Just down the steps is the first bonfire in the area, so we can take a quick rest and level up. There’s a Fire Keeper here too, so we can have a chat with her. There’s a giant lift down, so we jump on that. A gargoyle (remember that boss?) is waiting for us down at the bottom, so we deal with that; from here, we can roll onto one of the flying buttresses, and head up to a broken window. We can use it to get into the cathedral.


There are a couple Painting Guardians to dispatch, before we get to the real trouble – the rafters.


We have to gingerly traverse these beams, so as not to fall to our death below, while a few more Painting Guardians try to knock us down. We’ll break the chandelier via the chain in the middle section – there’s a item on it we can collect later. I died once trying to walk across, but made it on my second try.

You can see the item and broken chandelier below.

From here, we can raise the bridge and make a shortcut back to the first Anor Londo bonfire – there’s also another gargoyle waiting for us.

Jeez, I wonder what that shadow is?

We can also access Lord Gwyn’s tomb from here – if we rotate the bridge down one more level, we can walk down the stairs to another bonfire. This room looks like a dead end, but with the Darkmoon Seance Ring we picked up in the Catacombs, we can find the secrets within upon equipping it.




The giant statue of Gwyn will disappear, and we’re free to approach the tomb. There’s a fog wall, through which Gwyndolin, child of Gwyn, the last remaining deity in Anor Londo, will speak to us. If we agree not to trespass in the tomb, we can join the Darkmoon covenant. This is a PVP-based covenant, which allows you to invade worlds of the guilty. Though I won’t stay, I join anyway, and then head back up to the main bridge. I can approach the main cathedral at the top of the imposing set of stairs. It’s guarded by two giants with halberds, but from this point, I’m just planning on running.


Past the giants, and right by the Batwing Demons (their spears are imbued with Lightning, so be wary of blocking their attacks) and down into an open tower area. I continue running up the nearby path before I stop. We’ve found the second most notoriously annoying section of the entire game – the Anor Londo Archers.

One of them is firing at me here.

They’re firing Dragon Slayer Great Arrows at you, which will knock you off these narrow walkways if they connect. There are two of them firing at you, and we’ll have to run right up to them to deal with them – so we’re off again. I almost get knocked off: as I approach the one on the right, the other one shoots me in the back. Thankfully I don’t fall off, and I can kill the one in front of me with a quick parry and riposte.



Get wrecked.

The Silver Knights are by far the easiest enemies in the game to parry, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, even for newer players. With this knight out of my way, I can walk around the corner, and roll off onto the balcony below. When I head inside, I open the door on the left, and a bonfire (along with a good friend) is waiting for me.

I do though???


I use my souls to level up. That’s where I’ll call it for today. There’s a boss I’m quite nervous about ahead – the two knights that guard the Chamber of the Princess…


Until next time!





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