Geek Out Challenge: Day 25

We’re getting to the end of this challenge, only 5 days left! Day 25 is about geeky YouTube channels and content creators. I have two that I want to mention – the first channel I talked about earlier in this challenge, Critical Role, and the second is a somewhat unique take on a let’s play, from the boys behind IGN’s Prepare to Try. Their new channel, RKG, is their current platform for their Retry series and you should definitely check it out!

Day 25: Favourite geeky YouTuber?

Critical Role

The logo for Critical Role.

Critical Role is home to the two Dungeons and Dragons campaigns that this group of nerdy ass voice actors has been through so far. They’re about 80 episodes into campaign two, and I’m loving every minute of the adventures of the Mighty Nein. My favourites are still Nott, Jester, and Fjord, and I can’t wait to see where their story lines take them. This channel also produces a lot of other D&D content, like Handbooker Helper, a series meant to provide quick and easy info for players just starting out. They cover the basics of classes, races, spellcasting, and anything else you could need help with. They’ve done a couple of spin off series’ as well, like the Yee-Haw Game Ranch, Between the Sheets, and Pub Draw. If you have any interest in D&D, and want a general idea of how playing a campaign might work, definitely check out campaign two! You might just find yourself insanely invested in the exploits of this fictional group of misfits. Click here for the first episode of campaign two.


Gav, Dan, and Rory of RKG’s Retry and IGN’s Prepare to Try.

IGN premiered a little series a few years ago, called Prepare to Try: three (idiot) friends, Daniel, Gav, and Rory challenged Rory (who had never played Dark Souls before) to beat the game before Dark Souls 3 came out. The show was so immensely popular that they continued with the series, playing other notoriously challenging titles like Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3. Now, they’ve left IGN and created their own channel, RKG, with the new series, Retry. The banter between these three, and the ridiculous jokes and antics they come up with is the best part of this show. While Rory plays, Dan (the loremaster) provides valuable insight – being the most level-headed of the three – while Gav provides hilarious commentary, facts about Wales, and most importantly, encourages Rory to do stupid things. I’ve followed these three since the first episode of Prepare to Try, and I love everything they produce. They’re genuinely funny, and seeing them struggle through infamously hard titles is always entertaining to watch. Long live Finchy! I would definitely recommend checking out their stuff if you enjoy watching “let’s play” style content. You can find the original Prepare to Try here, and their newest Retry series, where they’re playing the Resident Evil 2 remake, here.

Feel free to share your favourite YouTubers in the comments below!

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