Geek Out Challenge: Day 10

Megan, aka A Geeky Gal’s 30 day Geek Out Challenge continues, and day 10 is all about favourite movies!

Day 10: Favourite movie, or movie series?

Since I’m really extra, I’m going to actually go over ten of my favourites – animated movies, specifically. When I was younger (and hadn’t yet realized I couldn’t draw particularly well) I had this little dream that I would work in animation someday. Well, that’s not going to happen, but I’m still obsessed with everything cartoon (especially Disney) so I’m going to list 10 of my favourite animated films – 5 Disney, and 5 non-Disney.



I feel like this one should be self-explanatory. Mulan is the best Disney movie, don’t @ me. I’ve seen Mulan so many times, I can pretty much recite the script from memory. This movie is all about self-discovery, friendship, and strength of character; it was my favourite movie as a kid, and it’s still my favourite now.


Big Hero 6 is a little bit underrated – Hiro and Baymax are a fantastic duo, and they really stuck with me over the years. This film deals with some heavy themes, like the loss of a family member, and revenge. The supporting cast of characters are probably one of the main reasons I love this movie – Fred, Go Go, Wasabi, and Honey Lemon are all equally hilarious and likeable.


Another underrated classic. As a kid, the way that Tarzan struggles to fit in, and accept who he is really struck me. The message of accepting yourself for all your strengths and shortcomings is an important one. This movie also has one of the best soundtracks of any Disney animated feature – it’s Phil Collins, how could you go wrong?


This is one of the newer Disney titles, and I absolutely adore it. Miguel is such a great character, and the animation in this film is nothing short of stunning. The colours, the scenery – fun game: try to find all the ‘hidden’ skulls in the architecture as Miguel travels through the land of the dead! I am a grown ass woman, and I still bawl like a baby every single time I watch this movie. I literally can’t hear “Remember Me” without tearing up.


Hercules just has everything – great soundtrack, characters, and narrative. The Muses also elevate this movie with their bombastic personalities and fantastic voices. It’s one of those Disney classics I keep coming back to. Hercules is easily one of the best Disney classics.



Pretty much every Studio Ghibli movie is a) gorgeous, and b) well-written, but Kiki’s Delivery Service was one that I grew up with. Kiki’s journey to find her own inspiration, and her growth in both maturity, and comfort with who she is, was so inspiring to me when I was young. I can’t stress enough what an amazing character Kiki is, and the fact that she’s the one who saves the boy at the end made this movie my number one as a kid.


The Iron Giant is a movie that I’ve seen at least a dozen times, and still can’t get through without crying at the end. The somewhat mature tone of the film, with themes like war, death, deadly technology, and what it means to be human, make this movie a bit of an oddity for a children’s film. With a motto like “You are who you choose to be” it’s got such a strong message.


ParaNorman is a movie that I watch every single year at Halloween – it’s sort of a classic zombie tale, but with a few twists. With a funny cast of characters, and a surprisingly deep narrative about self-love and acceptance, it’s a must watch for me. Highly recommended if you’ve never seen it!


Spirited Away was an instant classic for me – I watched this movie for the first time back when renting movies at Blockbuster was still a thing. I think I rented this movie about 10 times; its heroine, Chihiro, is so strong, and grows from petulant child, to a courageous, self-sufficient individual throughout the film. I always love Studio Ghibli films for their female protagonists – they’re always so well-rounded and relatable. Spirited Away has probably one of the most unique narratives I’ve ever seen in animation, and it’s easily one of my favourite films of all time.


This was legitimately my favourite film of 2018, straight up. Miles is an amazing character, as were the rest of the Spidey Squad, and the story felt genuinely impactful, while still being comedic and lighthearted. I also can’t stress enough how brilliantly this film is shot – there are a bunch of hidden Spider-Man/comic book references, as well as some phenomenal visual communication. Take this example:


Miles struggles initially, as he is forced to don the Spider suit in the middle of a crisis. He worries that he isn’t good enough, that he doesn’t deserve to wear the suit – that he will fail. This screenshot is from earlier in the film, when Miles is still unsure of himself, and his capability to be Spider-Man. Compare it to this same scene, later in the film:


This is after Miles gets a grip on his powers, and understands what he is willing to fight for. He takes his leap of faith, and now he can stand “eye to eye” with the suit – he can see himself wearing it, and he’s ready. This subtle visual cue to Miles’ character growth is just so brilliant, I can’t get over it. The entire film is so clever and well-put together, it deserves all the praise it gets.

Well that’s day 10 done! I debated talking about my favourite regular movies (probably The Lord of the Rings trilogy, or Hot Fuzz) but talking about animated films seemed more fun. Let me know what your favourite movies – animated or otherwise – are in the comments below!




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