Geek Out Challenge: Day 8

Another question from Megan, A Geeky Gal’s, Geek Out Challenge! Day 8 is all about geeky hobbies. I promise my next answer will be something that’s not Dungeons and Dragons…

Day 8: What geeky hobby do you have?

Using my previous post for this challenge as a starting point, my newest geeky hobby is definitely Dungeons and Dragons. It’s weird, because so many people have heard of the game, and have a vague idea of what it is, but not many people actually know how it works or have ever tried it themselves. I mean, it has a huge, worldwide community, but in my personal experience, I’ve never met anyone through my schooling or work that has played at all. Whenever I mention it to someone, I usually hear, “Oh that game from Stranger Things right?”

My mini for Atreyu, which will never be painted because I’m an untalented cretin, and some of my favourite dice!

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game, played with dice, where you create a character based on a race and class, and choose stats for them that follow a certain rule set. All of this info is readily available online, but you can also pick up a Player’s Handbook if you’re interested in starting to play yourself. With your character ready to go, you can jump into a game; the game revolves around a Dungeon Master (or Game Master) laying out a story for you and a group of friends. Usually there will be some kind of quest or goal that the DM will introduce to your party, and your adventure takes off from there! You (via your character) can do almost anything you want in-game – tell your DM you’re looking for a dog to pet, ask if you can try picking the lock on that castle door, or maybe seduce a guard to convince them to let you and your posse into a restricted area. You’ll have to rely on the skills/stats you chose for your character, and the luck of your dice rolling to be successful at what you try to do. There are also huge opportunities for creativity in combat – while battling monsters, you can add all sorts of flourish as you describe your spells or sword swings, it’s all down to your imagination. I’m not a huge ‘roleplayer’ as I’m on the introverted side, but a lot of people will create special voices for their characters, or add quirks to make them interesting. All of these elements combine to make each game one-of-a-kind, and it’s genuinely so much fun – if you’ve ever been interested in playing at all, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

My newest d20, the Keyfish! Buying dice is a choice, and I can stop whenever I want.

I just started playing in January of this year, and I’ve had a couple characters on the go since then – my first ever character (and still the most special to me!), Atreyu, is a human Warlock, of the Fiend Patron. I love the Warlock class, and having access to spells like Fireball (the classic™), Wall of Fire (which is surprisingly clutch in the right situations) and Hex. Atreyu is almost at level 11 now, and it’s crazy to look back when I was first starting (with a miserable 1 spell slot and 11 HP) and compare to how powerful this character has become. I also have a level 5 Monk (Way of Shadow monastic tradition), and a level 3 Cleric (Light Domain). I’m having a lot of fun with the Monk, but I don’t think the Cleric class is for me. Still looking forward to trying new classes as I continue to play!

D&D can be a little intimidating to get into – it’s been around for a long time, and a lot of the people who play know all of the details and intricacies better than any newcomer could ever hope to. There are a lot of rules, numbers (math, ew) and general knowledge that can take some research and some getting used to. But if you’re passionate about playing, you’ll pick it up in no time, and it’s a fantastic way to have some fun, and meet other nerds!

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20-something-year-old hailing from the Northern badlands of Canada. Persistent gamer, avid reader, and fledgling D&D player. I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember, and they’ve always been a big part of my love for the art of storytelling. Just trying to make it in a world where my copy of Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure no longer works.

6 thoughts on “Geek Out Challenge: Day 8”

    1. Obviously I don’t know about your specific situation, but I initially thought the same thing – that I would never be able to find anywhere to play. There is a useful app called Meetup (it’s what got me started) that can definitely help you find groups that play. Because there is legally sanctioned play (called Adventurer’s League) there are usually D&D games running everywhere, you might be surprised. Check out your local gaming stores and ask around to see if you can find anything. Season 9 starts in the fall, so definitely start looking!

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    1. Thank you! I have an unhealthy obsession with pretty/sparkly dice now… I’ll probably make a silly post at some point with my full collection. Definitely makes the game more fun to play when you have a set for every occasion!


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